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Over 2.2 Billion people use Facebook worldwide, with nearly 1.5 Billion daily users. 1 Billion users are active on Instagram every month too. Social media is everywhere and is by far the biggest outlet of media to your potential audience. Social Advertising is vital to reaching out to your potential customers, and will help drive qualified and established traffic to your website. 

Behind our Paid Social Advertising campaigns are qualified and expert Account Managers, which will create a strategic plan based on your objectives.

The Process

Measurement sits at the heart of success with Paid Social Advertising, and we continuously test and learn to ensure your campaigns are performing at their maximum on an ongoing basis. 


We start by getting to know the business, your goals and your marketing history. It’s imperative we know everything there is to know in order to create your successful Paid Social Campaign.

Here, you’ll meet your management team and we can decide how is best to communicate and report.


Your Account Manager will begin researching into what makes your industry tick online, where your audiences interests are online and how we can best reach out in a structured approach. 


Once we’ve researched, we’ll go ahead and create your campaign structure from the agreed strategy.


We’ll continuously manage and optimise your Paid Social campaign, ensuring we are maximising budget and keeping ahead of your competition.

Our Services

We offer:

  • Social media advertising strategy
  • Social media campaign delivery
  • Audience research
  • Social media policy creation
  • Channel planning and consultation
  • Insight reporting
  • Paid Social advertising
  • Content creation.

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