Google Ads Charity Grant

What is the Google Ads Charity Grant?

Google offer organisations with Charitable or Non Profit Status an online advertising grant of $10,000 every month ($120,000, renewing each year) in order to support charities across the globe. You could recruit more volunteers or attract more donations with this spend, and it’s all possible with the Google Ad Grant.

In order to receive your Google Ad Grant, you must present Google a fully constructed quality Ads account as well as complying with ongoing quality measurements to keep your grant. Pinnacle are certified to develop high quality campaigns for Google Ads and are experienced in working with charities to achieve success online.

You’re Changing The World. Let us help.

The more frequently your ads appear within the Google search results, the more people will be aware of your organisations valuable cause. That can translate into more donations and more volunteers, the backbone of every non-profit.

The Process

Our expert PPC team will take a deep dive into your charity and how people interact with your digital platforms.

We offer a complete management service for your Google Ad Grant, providing support throughout application, we will then work together on strategy and provide ongoing reporting and management. We pride ourselves in our proactive, transparent and responsive service, ensuring we become your long term partner for digital.


We start by getting to know the charity, your goals and your marketing history. It’s imperative we know everything there is to know in order to create your successful Pay Per Click campaign. We will guide you through the application process in this stage.

Here, you’ll meet your management team and we can decide how is best to communicate and report.


Your Account Manager will begin researching into what makes your industry tick online, review your existing account if you have one, as well as performing full keyword research, identifying targetting and setting up our tracking tools. 


Once we’ve researched, we’ll go ahead and create your campaign structure from the agreed strategy.


We’ll continuously manage and optimise your Pay Per Click campaign, ensuring we measure performance and update based on the latest your charity is working on.

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